[How to use a condom for contraception]

Condoms are not used by men. Men do not like the “fragments” caused by condoms.

Men do not use condoms, self-confidence becomes a woman’s thing, and women become victims after “love.”

The latest contraceptive vaccine can enable men to contracept without condoms. How can you not know such a good thing?

In love, do you want to throw away that annoying condom?

Experts from Nanjing Medical University in China, the United States and French authoritative experts, Qiangqiang successfully developed the world’s most advanced contraceptive vaccine for men, which is currently expected to complete the experiment in 3 years.

With just a few shots, sperm and eggs can no longer be combined. This magic potion is the contraceptive pill for men in the new era.

When this vaccine is available, gay men will be able to throw away condoms and enjoy “love” without restraint and adulteration.

For nearly 20 years, scientists around the world have been developing contraceptives for men, but they have not been ingested.

Nanjing Medical University has a joint dissertation with the United States and France on the development of a contraceptive vaccine for men.

Through the joint research of many reproductive medical scientists in the three countries, a contraceptive vaccine for men has been successfully developed, and this can be said to be the most effective vaccine in the world.

As the main person in charge of vaccine production and molecular mechanism research explained, the male contraceptive vaccine they studied is based on the sperm surface antigen. The vaccine contains an antibody that can be bound to the sperm surface after injection into the body, allowing sperm toLike a heavy burden on your back.

The sperm can’t move, and the vitality is poor, so there is no chance to combine with the egg.

It is understood that the vaccine has been successfully tested in mice and monkeys.

This is currently the most effective of more than a dozen male contraceptive vaccines being studied in the world. Whether it is a mouse or a monkey, it is equally effective. Many other vaccines are often effective in mice but not effective in monkeys.

However, the vaccine has to undergo a large number of animal experiments and human experiments for about three years to observe its toxicology.

Once successfully applied to the clinic, once a week of vaccine shots and three consecutive shots, the contraceptive effect of tandem for half a year can be used, and condom contraception has become a thing of the past.

At present, there are only two methods of contraception for men: condoms and ligation. However, these two methods have been intervened by many men, leading to the task of contraceptives for women. However, contraceptives and birth control rings may have adverse effects on women’s health.Therefore, the State Family Planning Commission proposed that men should also take responsibility for population control in the future, and Wang Zengjun’s “male contraceptive vaccine” is also the “11th Five-Year Plan for Scientific and Technological Research.”

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