A team of two people diagnosed with the new crown pneumonia Bundesliga and Bundesliga rematch is still not hindered
A team of two people diagnosed that the new crown pneumonia Bundesliga and Bundesliga are still not hit in the rematch. The German Professional Football League (DFL) has announced that the Bundesliga and Bundesliga will resume this weekend.Although Dresden Dynamo were diagnosed with two new coronaviruses last weekend, DFL chief Christian Seifert was good at the re-planning of the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga.  Although the German epidemic has not yet been completely controlled, the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga have already decided to resume the game on May 16. At present, European football and even the world football are paying attention to Germany.However, the Dynamo Club Dresden in the second division announced last weekend that after the team resumed training, the first team had players who tested positive for the new coronavirus.Immediately, the local health department in Dresden requested that the Dynamo Dresden team must be isolated at home for 14 days.With only one week left for the restoration of the German Bundesliga, Dynamo Dresden will certainly not be able to play on time.  There are also concerns that after the Dynamo Dresden team is isolated, the restart plan for the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga will be affected.However, Christian Seifert, the chief executive of the German professional football league, announced that in the current round of Bundesliga and Bundesliga matches, only the Dynamo Dresden away game against Hanover was suspended on May 17.  Christian Seifert said: I knew about it on Saturday afternoon.We report new coronavirus infection cases to the health department, and then they discuss the development of appropriate measures.We have already said that we are ready for a similar situation.I haven’t talked to any person in charge. The isolation time is 14 days. We have to look at the next round of Dynamo Dresden.  Christian Seifert went on to say: Sports officials have agreed that isolation should be announced whenever new coronavirus cases occur. We have always said that this is determined by the local health department.For Deutsch II, this means that two games will be temporarily cancelled, but we have not changed our goal, and our only plan is to complete this season.This does not mean that the German Bundesliga cannot continue because only two games have been affected.But obviously, if more teams are involved, this season may not be completed.  Regarding the decision of the German Professional Football League to continue this season, Dresden Dynamo Club Sports Director Ralph Minger expressed concern because the team was unable to train normally for the next 14 days and after the end of isolation, The team’s schedule will be more intensive.Dynamo Dresden is currently at the bottom of the Derby League standings, but it is only one point away from the penultimate place, and there is still hope of relegation. Original title: Deutsche B 1 team is isolated!German Football Association CEO: Bundesliga Bundesliga restart will not be affected

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