[Man is most satisfied with hearing this “wave”]

If your penis is long enough (ten centimeters are sufficient for an erection), and the top of the penis can be inserted into the uterine mouth, you will feel like a small mouth sucking the glans, stay for a few seconds at this time, and then quickly extract it.There will be a “wave” sound like opening a beer bottle.

How to have sex can be inserted into the uterus. To have sex is to insert the penis into the vagina and carry out back and forth movements, so that both men and women can get sexual pleasure.

But many people don’t know yet that if the penis is long enough, it can reach the uterine mouth of the woman, so that the pleasure of both parties will erupt in an instant.

The feeling of pushing to the uterine mouth: As the penis is constantly pulled, a negative air pressure will form in the vaginal cavity. When the glans is pushed to the uterine mouth, the uterine mouth will also hold the glans tightly.

At this time, shaking the penis, the female will tremble like an electric shock, and the heat in the womb will make you have an unparalleled comfort.


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