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Cabbage is a very common vegetable in life. Although cabbage is cheap, it is very nutritious. Eating cabbage is not only good for the stomach, but also has the effect of hangover. There are many ways to eat cabbage and its practices. The most commonIt is stir-fried cabbage, and the practice of cabbage is different in different places. In fact, when you make cabbage, you can make it according to your own or your family’s taste.

The common practice of stir-frying Chinese cabbage: 1) Wash and cut the Chinese cabbage, and slice the fish fillets and onions and garlic for later use.

2) Heat the pan, heat with a small amount of oil, scallion, garlic and fish fillets.

3) Add cabbage and stir-fry until cooked. Add seasoning chicken powder.

4) Because cabbage has a large amount of water, a lot of soup will be produced when it is fried, so you can use the starch to simmer out of the pot.

The efficacy and role of Chinese cabbage It is good to eat Chinese cabbage often because it can bring us the following benefits.

Slimming cabbage For female friends, cabbage has a good weight-loss effect.

Because the nutritional value of cabbage proves that cabbage has a good effect on weight loss and bodybuilding.

Provide nutrition, healthy and healthy cabbage is one of the vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, to provide physical conditions to ensure the body’s physiological needs, and help enhance the body’s immune capacity.

Maintaining Vascular Elasticity Eating Chinese cabbage often can also help us maintain vascular elasticity. Why is this?

Cabbage contains a large amount of crude fiber. After entering the human body and slightly binding, it can prevent the formation of plasma insulin, and the metabolite bile acid can be replaced in vitro to reduce the formation of atherosclerosis, thereby maintaining vascular elasticity.

Moisturizes the skin, delays aging. The cabbage is rich in carotene than beans, tomatoes and melons, and it is rich in vitamin C. After entering the body, it can promote skin cell metabolism, prevent skin roughness and pigmentation, and make the skinBrightens and delays aging.

The treatment of acne acne has always been a problem for people. In fact, cabbage has a good effect on acne.

It is said that Turkish women’s skin is white and tender, and skin diseases such as acne rarely occur, which is why they often use Chinese cabbage leaves to stick their faces.

The method of making Chinese cabbage mask is very simple: take the whole piece of fresh Chinese cabbage and wash it, flatten it on a clean cutting board, and gently roll it with a rolling pin for about 10 minutes until the leaves are netted.

Paste the vegetable leaf paste on the face, change one vegetable leaf every 10 minutes, and change three vegetable leaves once a day.

Vitamin C contained in anti-cancer and anti-cancer cabbage forms a “hyaluronic acid inhibitor” in the body, which has anti-cancer effects and can eliminate loss of vitality.

In addition, crude fiber can promote peristalsis of the large intestine, increase the excretion of endotoxin in the large intestine, and achieve the purpose of preventing cancer and resisting cancer.

It is worth mentioning that cabbage is rich in cellulose.

It has been treated as waste in the past, in fact it plays a great role in the human body.

Because it can prolong the chewing of food to clean the mouth, exercise teeth, and promote the secretion of digestive juice, it has a direct effect on promoting the digestion and absorption of food.

Qingfei cabbage also has the effect of moisturizing and clearing the lungs, so patients with cough due to lung heat should eat more cabbage and moisten the lungs, so that the cough symptoms will be alleviated properly. In winter, bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory tractsIn the season of high disease, both adults and children should be prevented in advance.

Detoxification, diuretic and thirst-causing cabbage also has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, diuretic and thirsty cabbage. Chinese medicine believes that cabbage has a sweet taste. People who eat cabbage often can prevent scurvy, and can also treat and prevent colds. Cabbage can be used not only as an ingredient, but alsoIt can be taken as a medicinal material. Cabbage root and ginger flakes, brown sugar and boiled water can prevent colds. Chinese cabbage can also treat frostbite, which is a magic food.

Dealing with constipation For elderly people with high blood pressure, it is very important to maintain smooth bowel movements, and cabbage is rich in crude fiber, which can quench thirst and diuretic, and intestinal laxative.

Many people like to eat leaves when they eat cabbage, but Ruan Lao has “rounded” the cabbage because the cabbage fiber contains more crude fiber.

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