[Excessive bleeding in sexual life]_ bleeding _ intercourse _ intercourse _ bleeding

Gynecological diseases can be seen in many women now. This needs to be treated positively. There is nothing to hide.

However, there are still some young men and women who are abnormally excited when they first taste the forbidden fruit, and their sexual life is over and over again, leading to bleeding, which will surely cause people to think.

However, bleeding after excessive sexual life may also indicate the occurrence of some diseases of women themselves.

First, if cervical cancer has contact bleeding after sexual intercourse, the most feared is this disease.

Recently the disease has a tendency to become younger, and cervical cancer around 30 years of age is not common.

Second, uterine fibroids, small uterine fibroids, generally have no bleeding symptoms.

If the fibroids are large, many, especially submucosal fibroids that sag outside the uterine mouth, can cause bleeding after intercourse. B-ultrasound must be done.

There is currently no cure for Chinese and western medicine. Surgery or endoscopic treatment can better solve the problem, but for small myomas, the B-ultrasound cannot be seen for the time being, and it is difficult to completely cut them.

Benign uterine fibroids have a 1% chance of becoming malignant uterine fibroids, so follow up regularly.

Fibroids usually shrink and disappear by themselves after menopause.

Third, menstruation-related conditions. Some people often get a little blood again a day or two after their menstruation is basically clean. Some people get a little blood during ovulation, and sometimes a little blood comes after taking a second contraceptive pill. If these bleeding happens to happenAfter having sex, it can also be annoying.

This is to review the menstrual situation, etc. If you are not sure, go to gynecology.

Fourth, a variety of vaginitis vaginitis may not cause sexual cross-linked bleeding, unless the complications are particularly serious.

Check the leucorrhea to find out the diagnosis.

Sexual life needs to be temperate, especially in young people, hormones are strong, which leads to a great increase in sexual desire.

But what the editor wants to say is, be abstinence!

Right is enough.

Otherwise, it will lead to serious consequences. Excessive sexual life is full of delays and wrong time.

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