[How to make Happy 1st Madeleine cake]_Homemade practice of Happy 1st Madeleine cake_How to make Happy 1 Madeleine cake_How to make Happy 1 Madeleine cake

Maybe it ‘s too lazy or it ‘s too busy. Many people just eat something to fill their stomachs in daily life. In fact, lazy or busy people can eat well. Happy MadeleineThe practice of cake is only a few simple steps, but its nutrition is very rich, and you should not miss it.

1. Prepare all the ingredients, melt the peanuts in the water 2. Duck the eggs into the waterless pan and mix with the sugar powder 3, sieve the low-gluten flour and baking powder and mix well 45. Pour in the honey and mix well, then cover with plastic wrap and freeze in the refrigerator for one hour. Put a thin layer of cooking oil on the mold, and also put it in the refrigerator to freeze. 6. Take out the frozen batter and mold., Preheat the oven 7, heat up and down 230 degrees, bake for ten minutes, the fragrant Madeleine cake comes out of the oven. Although it takes a little time to cook at home, it is relatively healthy and it is worth it.It doesn’t take much time.

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