China vs Iran kick-off time
In the game of China vs South Korea, the Chinese national football team finally got a crucial point to win the game.So in the game of China vs Iran, can the Chinese team win again, let’s take a look at the tee time of China vs Iran!  China vs Iran kick-off time China vs Iran kick-off March 28 at 16:00 kick-off World Preliminaries China vs Iran where to play Chinese men’s football will usher in yet another fierce battle in the World Cup twelve quarter-finals in Tehran, the opponent isThe Iranian team currently leading the group.  According to the Iranian media, Azadi Stadium, which is known as the “Home of the First Devil in Asia”, may be open to fans for free. At that time, the degree of the devil at Iran’s home will reach another level, and the audience may exceed 100,000.  China vs Iran live broadcast address

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