[Cordyceps braised pork belly]_ pig internal organs _ how to make

Everyone knows that Cordyceps is a relatively expensive Chinese herbal medicine. It is very good for nourishing the body. Pork belly is also a common food in our daily life. Regular eating is also good for human health.If the belly is stewed together, it is not only nutritious, but also tastes delicious. It is a very delicious tonic. Frequent eating has many benefits to human health.

The practice of Cordyceps flower stew pork belly 1.

First, clean the pork belly and simmer the water (take half of the amount) for 2 persons.


Cut into filaments.


Cut in the direction of the pattern, it is more layered and beautiful.


Stir-fry the pan with ginger until it turns discolored. Pick up the water and add to the (sand) or (porcelain) saucepan.


Never had pork belly in cold water.


Add new ginger slices, sprinkle with a small amount of material, cover with a lid and simmer over high heat.


Cordyceps flowers are reserved.


Rinse with clean water, and then soak in water. Pour the softened and soaked water into the boiled pork belly for 10 minutes, then turn to low heat and simmer slowly.


The color looks good and smells good.


If there is a patient in the family or a mother, you can make up for it.

What is the efficacy and role of pork belly?

In addition to being delicious, the nutritional value of pork belly is beyond your expectation.

Pork belly contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., which has the effect of tonic deficiency, spleen and stomach, and because of the sweet taste of pork belly, gentle warmth, return to spleen, stomach meridian;Strengthen the spleen and stomach; often used as fatigue, weakness, diarrhea, stasis, thirst, frequent urination, pediatric accumulation, etc.

Mainly suitable for qi and blood deficiency, emaciated body, have a good effect on spleen and stomach, qi and deficiency.

Pork belly taboos: Pork belly is edible for most people, because pork belly has nutritional value, eating pork belly is very beneficial for the absorption of human nutrition, especially for those who are tired and weak, spleen and stomachWeakness, loss of appetite, diarrhea and diarrhea, insufficiency of qi, depression of qi, men’s nocturnal emission, women’s carry-down, physically weak people with a lot of urination, and children with diarrhea are very suitable for pig belly, but forPatients with hyperlipidemia, do not eat pork belly!

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