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[Which side is used for Bao Zhizi?
】 _How to pack_How to pack

For the first time during the Dragon Boat Festival, the Chinese will definitely eat dumplings.

And since the development of rice dumplings, in addition to becoming a delicious food on the table, there are many other functions.

For example, some friends will add some special materials to the rice dumplings. As a result, the rice dumplings have become a good health product.

In fact, many people want to learn Bao Zizi. So, which side is Bao Zizi using?

First of all, we have to choose good loquat leaves.

There is a way to identify the loquat leaf: wipe it with a cotton swab, or wipe it with a white wet towel.

If the surface of the rubbing leaves will fade, it is usually dyed, and the natural green will not fade.

It can also be rubbed with wine. It can be seen that it will not lose its color. If you do n’t lose its color, you can buy dried gardenia leaves.The leaves are disinfected and become more reasonable and less vulnerable.

Wipe the leaves under running water with a wet rag from the root to the top, and wipe them on both sides. Wash both sides with scissors to reduce the top of the leaves. If the root is particularly long and large, you need to shrink.

After this treatment, Ye can be used to wrap the dumplings!

Improving skills The substitute of loquat leaves in Guangzhou is to use loquat leaves, and it is better to choose a smooth and soft surface.

Shantou people use dumplings to make bamboo dumplings. The dumplings have the fragrance of bamboo leaves, but they must be boiled and reused.

Shanghai and other places use loquat leaves collected from Huangshan Mountain in Anhui every year, which contain special fragrance, commonly known as “Huizhou Fuxi”.

For the seasoned bacon with filling, fresh pork must be mixed with some monosodium glutamate, sugar, wine, salt, raw soy and repeatedly rubbed until the condiments penetrate the pork and then wrapped.

It is not recommended that the bean paste is too tight to prevent the rice grains from being squeezed into the bean paste. If it is not cooked, it will cause pinch.

If you are using fatty pork, you should not tighten it properly.

If you use lean pork, you need to tighten it, because the lean meat will shrink after it is cooked, and the fat juice of the stuffing will leak into the water, which cannot keep the fat of the dumplings.

The boiled boiled boiled dumplings must be boiled with water before falling out. The water must be soaked in the boiled noodles. After the water is boiled again, cook on high heat for about 3 hours.

Keep in mind that 生水 枧 cannot be cooked with other dumplings.

After cooking, take it hot.

Untie the cotton rope when eating, poke away the loquat leaves, scent of fragrant incense, oily but not greasy at the entrance, glutinous but not sticky, moderately salty and sweet, delicious and delicious.

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