March 27 Snooker China Open Ding Junhui vs Sean O’Sullivan Live Address
From March 27 to April 2, the 2017 World Snooker China Open will be antiques in the Beijing University Gymnasium. This year is also the 13th year of the China Open.At the pre-match press conference yesterday, Ding Junhui said that during the China Open this year, he will enter into a standing year, hoping to win again this year.March 27th Snooker China Open Ding Junhui vs Sean O’Sullivan Live Address: CCTV5 + (CNTV without plug-in) At this year’s Snooker China Open, in addition to Ding Junhui, O’Sullivan, Selby, SpecialRump, Higgins, Murphy and other snooker stars will all debut, and the total prize money of the event will also reach 510,000 pounds.Every year during the China Open, Ding Junhui will celebrate his birthday. This year, he will be 30 years old, and he will enter the year of standing.Ding Junhui made his name through the Snooker China Open in 2005 and talked about this familiar event. He expressed the hope that his past luck will continue and that he will be able to bring the World Championships to the future through his performance.good luck.Further reading: 2017 World Snooker China Open Live Streaming Schedule 2017 Snooker China Open Schedule Schedule to start on March 27

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