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Some people like to add ice when they drink beer, and some people like to add cola, but can cola be exchanged for beer?

Although cola and beer can be cashed, and many people like to drink it, it is not suitable in principle, especially for people with high blood sugar and cardiovascular disease. The sugar in cola makes blood sugar veryQuickly rise.

Moreover, it is easier for someone to get drunk in this way.

What happens to beer with cola? It is not recommended to drink cola. The properties of beer are relatively inert elements, and similar components of cola are also added. However, cola and sprite are high in sugar and carbonated drinks can easily cause bloodSome instantaneous rise in blood sugar, people with high blood sugar, people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes are best not to drink, it is likely to cause an instant rise in blood sugar.

Beer and cola are more likely to get drunk. Beer or liquor should not be drunk with carbonated drinks such as cola and soft drinks. The ingredients in this type of drink can quickly absorb the body’s alcohol and are more likely to get drunk.

Beer plus cola drink easy blood sugar. The properties of beer are relatively inert elements, and similar ingredients are added to cola, but cola and sprite are high in sugar. Carbonated drinks can easily cause some instant rise in blood.People with high and high blood sugar, people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, it is best not to drink, it is easy to cause an instant rise in blood sugar.

Beer plus cola is more susceptible to bloating and bloating. Beer itself contains carboxyl groups, and then there will be some bloating. Cola has a higher carbon dioxide content, which is more likely to cause bloating when it is together with beer.

Beer and cola are more likely to damage the teeth. Beer and cola have damage to the teeth. When these two types are combined together, the concentration of carbonic acid is higher, the damage to the teeth is more serious, and it is easy to cause dental caries and tooth holes.

The diet of beer is contraindicated. After drinking beer, it is not advisable to take medicine. Beer contains a certain amount of alcohol, which can interact with more than 100 commonly used drugs. Some increase the efficacy, some decrease the efficacy, and some have the opposite effect.

Practice has proved that after drinking beer, antibiotics, antihypertensive sedatives, anticoagulants, and hypoglycemic drugs should not be taken immediately.

Beer and liquor should not be used together. Some people are used to drinking beer and then drinking liquor, which will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal system and easily cause digestive disorders.

In addition, drinking beer and liquor together can speed up the alcohol into the blood, and it is easy to get drunk.

It is not advisable to drink cold beer after sweating. Sweat pores expand when the sweat is dripping. Drinking cold beer will cause sweat pores to contract due to sudden cold, and stop sweating, which will block the body’s heat dissipation and cause colds and other diseases.

In addition, after the beer is frozen, its protein and precipitated acid will precipitate, and it will easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort and loss of appetite.

Do not expire the beer. The acids contained in the beer that exceed the storage period can easily oxidize and polymerize with the protein to make the beer turbid; or due to the poor water quality, it is fermented by microbial contamination during filling, becomes viscous and sloppy, and drinks.It is easy to cause symptoms such as diarrhea.

It is not advisable to drink barbecue food while drinking beer. During the barbecue process, a carcinogenic component called “amine-amine compound” is actually produced. Alcohol can expand the blood vessels of the digestive tract, dissolve the mucus proteins on the surface of the digestive tract mucosa, and make the carcinogens extremely easy.Absorbed by the human body, and seafood, animal viscera and most meats are high purine foods, which cause the nucleic acids in beer to eventually decompose into uric acid. When the uric acid in the blood exceeds a certain solubility, it will deposit in the joint cavity, resulting in someJoint symptoms such as swelling and pain.

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