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Many mothers and lovers have very good feelings, and they often feel better when they give birth to their love.

When you can resume your husband and wife life, you often cannot control yourself.

So some women will feel more or less pain during intercourse. What is the reason for postpartum pain?

First, it may be related to the time to resume sexual life after delivery.

Perineal retina wounds usually take 7 days to heal, and the gap is removed.

At this point, the perineal surface tissue has healed, but the deep muscle layer and fascia take 6-8 weeks to repair.

If you resume sexual life too early, you can cause wounds to crack and bleed.

Women with perineal lacerations should pay particular attention to the fact that their wounds are more susceptible to infection, and it is best to check with a doctor to confirm that they have cured before starting sex.

Secondly, it is related to his wife’s overall condition. If his wife is weak, malnourished, anemia, or a wound has cracks, these will lead to the wound healing time, and premature sexual life will also easily cause the wound to crack.

Third, this may be related to the local condition of the wound.

Except for the perineal epidermis, which was introduced with silk threads, the inner muscles and subcutaneous layers were introduced with sheep’s gut threads.

Due to the obvious individual differences in the absorption of human gut intestines, coupled with the quality of sheep gut, and whether the perineum is strictly sterilized, it will also affect the absorption of human tissues and lead to wound healing.

Fourth, because the man is in the third trimester of his wife, the abstinence time during the puerperium period is prolonged. Once the couple’s life is restored, they often act fiercely, which can easily cause perineal tissue damage, bleeding, and cracking.

Therefore, sexual life must be resumed after the perineal wound is completely healed after giving birth.

During the first sexual life, the husband’s movements should be gentle. Once vaginal bleeding is recovered after the spouse’s life is resumed or after the end of sexual life, he should see a doctor immediately to avoid delay in treatment.

These are the causes of postpartum pain in the same room.

Couples should pay attention to the same room during the postpartum period. Men should not act too fiercely. This may hurt their lover and cause obvious empathy, and female friends should pay more attention to their bodies.

Pay attention to ways to address postpartum pain in the same room.

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