[How to find the most comfortable position for yourself]

There are so many sex positions for men and women. A perfect love and posture are inseparable. So how do men and women choose the posture method when they share the same room? There is no best physical position.Learn how to find the position that suits you best.

How can sex skills find the most suitable position for you, and what are the benefits of different postures?

There are 48 types of sexual positions, and it can be seen that there are many changes in sexual positions.

So, what posture do men prefer?

Normal posture is the overwhelming majority, and most of the reasons are “the skin can stick together”; basically, there are also reasons “you can see each other’s face” and “you can get peace of mind”.

“Basically, the last move with a truly beloved woman is normal posture.” There are too many people who hold the above opinions, and their physiology can be combined into a normal posture. It can be said that they want to have sex with their beloved women.

The riding position “you can clearly see the woman’s expression” and “you can see the other person will have a pleasant posture”. Men actually want to see the female expression;”Sex”, “I can’t stand seeing breasts shaking in front of my eyes” and other visual enjoyment; of course, some people also put forward physical opinions such as “effortless”.

The size of the penis tailored for men of different sizes directly affects the quality of sex. It is not necessarily better, and it may not be too small to do it.

In fact, for the penis of different sizes, corresponding sex positions should be adopted to bring pleasure to women.


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