[Soybean stewed with pork belly]_ with soybeans _ delicious practice

Pork belly stewed with soy beans is a relatively common dish. Many people will make it by themselves in the family, but we need to pay attention to the choice of ingredients during the production process. Soy beans are a protein-rich food that can strengthen the body andInitially good nutritional supplement, pork belly is a kind of meat product without pork.

So, what is the process of making soy pork stew?

1. Material: pork, salt, chicken essence, wild pepper, old soy sauce, cooking wine, salt and pepper practice: 1.

Soy beans were soaked in water the night before.


Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot and add it to the pig skin. Cover the shell with boiling water and cut into small strips.


Put soy beans in the pressure cooker, add pork, pork skin and appropriate water, whichever is better than pork.


Add wild pepper, add cooking wine, add soy sauce, and add salt.


Put the chicken essence on the shell and steam for 20 minutes.


Add salt and pepper to the bowl and it will taste good.

Efficacy: Men often prefer animal feces, and the consequent overload of the kidneys increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, malignancies and other diseases.

Therefore, men should learn to eat a light diet, especially to reduce animal fats and total cooking oil.

In addition, when eating pork, it is best to pair with legumes, because soy products contain a large amount of lecithin, which can emulsify plasma, make plasma and trace particles smaller, and prevent the formation of hardened plaque.

Second, excessive consumption of soy beans too much protein, too much burden on the kidneys.

In particular, the elderly should eat soy beans in moderation and not be too greedy.

Because the functions of the elderly’s various organs are weakened, soy products are replaced too much, and non-protein nitrogen, which is incomplete protein breakdown, must be excreted through the veins, increasing the burden on the kidneys.

In addition, soy contains a large amount of purine, which can increase the metabolic burden of the liver and kidneys. Therefore, when there are serious diseases of the liver and kidney organs, pay attention to eat less or do not eat soy.

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