“About Winter” is a stereotype of youth, a really old Qiong Yao-style movie
“Gently I will leave you and replace the tears in the corner of my eyes .” As soon as the lyrics appear, people of a little age will hum this Qi Qin’s “About Winter”.The original film “About Winter” is a love movie just released. This film was adapted from Rao Xueman’s novel of the same name and once became the single box office champion this weekend.”About Winter” protagonist.Rao Xueman, once a writer on the Chinese Rich List, thought that her novel had many readers among the young people, and this group of readers has now become the main consumer of the cinema.Therefore, many film companies are devoted to the development of Rao Xueman’s IP, looking forward to the possible box office revenue. Only this and next two years, there will be several films based on the adaptation of Rao Xueman’s novels.It is also considered as a supplementary work of Chinese youth films.Rao Xueman’s novels describe the pain of youth, good at describing the growth stories of girls, and prefer to show stories with a sense of the times.These stories were still quite popular with audiences ten years ago. Now, Rao Xueman is already a middle-aged author who is nearly fifty years old. Will the stereotyped youth stories she writes have audiences?The young men and women who were touched by her novel now have their own social life. Will they believe the plot of the novel?”Left Ear”.”About Winter” is titled by the famous singer Qi Qin’s song of the same name. It is known as the love entanglement between Chengdu girl Enran and Taipei boy Qi Xiao from the 1990s to the present. There are two clues in the movie.Contrast the emotional story of the mother.Unfortunately, despite the blessings of Ma Sichun and Huo Jianhua and the nostalgic feelings evoked by Qi Qin’s songs, this movie is still a relatively failed movie.Although the movie has repeatedly shaped the romance and mistakes of Enron and Qi Xiao, and wanted to arouse the audience’s sigh, the entire movie caused people to be unable to empathize because of the plot’s dog blood.After watching the film, we can feel that the creative concept of this film is deviating. The replacement of a large number of nostalgic golden songs is to allow the audience to better substitute for the plot of the film and project their emotions; but because the film art and story are too false, Making this movie full of the texture of the last century’s TV series, unable to effectively match the emotions of today’s audience.In addition, in order to show a sense of nostalgia, several bridge sections set in the movie, some Houhai strolls, small restaurants eating stew, and record shops buying CDs, all make people feel this movie because of a strong sense of posingMore like an extended version of the advertisement.Therefore, the loss of youth love set or the nostalgic atmosphere of the 1990s can be said to become the background board of the movie’s empty and boring polyhedral love.You can compare the love views of different generations, reflecting the regret that the heroes and heroines have not come together because of factors such as being brave enough.But this kind of ex-boyfriend and girlfriend failed to get married, and the plot that the emotions let the future generations to continue is really a dog blood plot that is unimaginative. It may be acceptable in the fast food novels for young people. Once such a story isCasting a magnified screen, the false is also magnified, and it is not able to gain the recognition of a more mature audience.”About Winter” novel cover.Interestingly, there is a similar plot in “Left Ear”. The parents of the male and female protagonists once fell in love, but failed to get together and inherited the entanglement.It’s just that the plot is more intense and tense in “Left Ear”, and today’s “About Winter” tries to show a kind of indifference that has gone through vicissitudes.Of course, these uncertainties are important and will not change much. This set of narrative rules can only make the protagonist’s screaming performance more distorted.Writing youth and singing youth are common in movies, but youth does not mean to release all your emotions, love becomes everything in the world, and all the entanglements in life revolve around love.From a certain perspective, “About Winter” and the once popular Qiongyao TV series are a creative idea.The emotional advancement forces of the characters are all coincidentally promoted. The protagonist has no real meaning in the decades of life. The characters seem to have taken the time and social background to exist. The so-called nostalgia has not effectively grasped the emotions of the times.In the Chinese-speaking world, the youth films produced in Taiwan have long attracted attention from all walks of life.Undoubtedly, Hou Xiaoxian’s “Love and Dust” in the 1980s, Cai Mingliang’s “Youth Nezha” in the 1990s, Yi Zhiyan’s “Blue Gate” after 2000, Yang Yazhe’s “Girlfriend, Boyfriend”, Nine Swords”Girls who chased together in those years” and other works are all showing the beauty of youth while challenging the reality with the encounter of young people of different eras.Because these movies always link the situation of teenagers with real society and real problems, giving people a strong sense of identity.”Lian Lian Feng Chen” stills.The youth films in the mainland started relatively late, and many film problems have become consciously convoluted. It is said that the situation of showing young people is worse than expressing a kind of narcissism. The plot of the film is nothing more than the plastic sister flower, unexpected pregnancy, polygonal love, etc.Imagination of youth pain.Both “Little Age” and “Left Ear” must have suffered too much criticism, and the problem with this “about winter” may also lie here.These stereotypes of youth cannot reach the real audience. After all, youth films are for young people, and who would like to watch an old Qiong Yao-style movie?□ Yu Yu (film critic) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Shihui

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