[How to choose ribs_How to choose ribs]

Pork ribs are actually ribs and vertebrae of animals such as pigs, cows and sheep.

There is also a small amount of meat on top, ready to eat.

For example, braised pork ribs is a very special Chinese dish.

When we go to the supermarket to buy meat, we will see a variety of ribs in the freezer, the price difference is not small, there are many varieties, at this time, some housewives began to suffer.

So, how to choose ribs?

Method 1 for choosing ribs. Look at the appearance of the ribs. The fresh ribs have a bright red color, preferably pink, not too red or too white.

2. If you smell the pork ribs, the smell of fresh pork is a little bit fishy.

Do n’t buy once you have other odors or odors, it is easy to have bad ribs.

3. Insert the ribs and insert your fingers into the ribs. If you press hard, the meat on the ribs can quickly return to its original shape. If you become paralyzed, the meat is not good. Then touch the surface of the ribs with your hands, the surface is a little dry or slightly moist and does notSticking hands.

If it sticks, it is not fresh ribs.

It feels dense with the hand.

Choosing small ribs according to the type and taste of the ribs refers to the ribs near the belly of the pig’s abdomen. The ribs and sub ribs are on the top.

The small rows are thicker and have white capillaries.

Suitable for steaming, frying, and roasting, but chopping small pieces.

Sub-row Sub-row refers to the part of the abdominal cavity connected to the spine. Below it is pork belly. The ribs under the slice are 30 centimeters long and obliquely sliced into triangles.

The meat layer of the sub-rib is very thick, and a piece of pork belly is connected through a thin layer of oil. The fat is rich and the meat is the tenderest of all ribs. It is suitable for many cooking methods and tastes, but the taste is slightly oily.

Suitable for deep-fried, grilled and braised in length 5?
7 cm is appropriate.

Big row Big row is the part where the tenderloin and spine are connected. It is also called steak. It is mostly used for frying. It is mainly sliced meat, but it has ribs. In addition to increasing the volume, the area of the slice is increased.Will increase the unique aroma of large bones, which is also a characteristic of cutlets.

In addition to deep-frying, you can also make large steaks, but before going through the process of frying or quick frying, the role is to seal the blood of the big bones, so that the cooking process does not affect the color of the meat slices and soup sweat.

Suitable for deep-fried, braised, if fried, thinner, if braised, thicker.

Ribs Ribs are thin ribs in the chest cavity. The flesh is thinner, the meat is thinner, and the taste is tender. However, because of the twisted connection to the back, the bones will be thicker.

Because the ribs are relatively large, some stores will divide it into cavities, sub-ribs, etc. for customers to buy.

For example, the flaky grilled ribs are the tender ones that complement the middle section.

After chopping small pieces, pick out the thicker part of the meat layer that can be used for steaming, frying, braising, and large slices suitable for roasting.

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