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Welsh onion is an anti-inflammatory and sterilizing food. Many people in the North regard it as an essential food.

The taste is very refreshing and with a touch of sweetness. The most famous place of Chinese green onions is Zhangqiu. The green onions in this place can be two meters long. There will be no flatulence when they are eaten.The effect and effect of sterilization can more effectively kill bacteria in the body.

1, fart is caused by cold and inflated gastrointestinal tract, should avoid eating too cold or easily fermented food, you can avoid this problem.

Farting is mostly related to indigestion. Food stored in the intestine produces gas under the action of bacteria and is discharged through the anus.

Indigestion has functional and organic differences. Functional indigestion is related to intestinal peristalsis dysfunction; organic indigestion is related to interconnected metabolism, cancer and other diseases.

In addition, insufficient secretion of digestive juices caused by stomach diseases and diabetic diseases will also cause farts. Eating too many beans and starchy foods will also produce farts.

A few people are intolerant to milk, etc., and will often fart when drinking.

Experts suggest that frequent fartists are better to go to the hospital for examination, do not be paralyzed, clearly understand the reason for farting, and then treat the cause.

Usually pay attention to eat less legumes, starch and other non-digestible food.

3, green onions will not, will eat sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes), bloating and Jiao head meeting, the southern planted steamed buns, smells in the mouth, eat more, fart, detox, but deliciousVery healthy foods 4 are mostly caused by indigestion and slow digestive movements. People with gastritis and gastric ulcers often have bloating.

Stomach bloating 1. The pathogenesis and causes of bloating are many, such as mental stress, indigestion, etc., mainly due to insufficient gastric motility.

2. Clinical symptoms and hazards 5. Suggestions: Generally it is fullness after meals, belching, restlessness, and tea thoughts; recurrent and prolonged bloating can lead to gastritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, 3, commonly used drugs WeikangHealing mainly strengthens gastric motility.

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